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Nursyahbani Katjasungkana
Curiculum Vitae


Text Box: PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH: Jakarta, April 7, 1955
STATUS : Married 



Director of Women's Legal Aid Bureau
Work Group Coordinator of Indonesian's NGO Forum on Women.
Board member of women, Law & Development International
Secretary General of Indonesian Women Coalition for Justice and Democracy
Member of The National Commission on Violence Against Women
Member of People Consultative Assembly
Member of governing board of good governance partnership-UNDP





  • Defense Lawyer of Jakarta Legal Aid Society, from 1980 - 1981 ;

  • Defense Lawyer of Yogyakarta Legal Aid Society, from 1981 - 1982 ;

  • Defense Lawyer of Jakarta Legal Aid Society, from 1982 - 1984 ;

  • Vice Director of Jakarta Legal Aid Society, from 1984 - 1987 ;

  • Director of Jakarta Legal Aid Society, from 1987 to 1990, and on April 1990 appointed as Director of Jakarta Legal Aid Society for the second term ;

  • Project leader of research activity on "Gender and access to Justice" , sponsored by APWLD (Kuala Lumpur) 1990 - 1991 ;

  • Resource person and legal consultant for advocacy program concerning the position and role of women organized by Solidarity for Women ( Solidaritas Perempuan ) since 1990;

  • Resources person and legal consultant for women program of Indonesia  Legal Aid Foundation, since 1990 ;

  • Resource person in INGI International NGO Forum on Indonesia ) Lobbying activities with the World Bank on Women issues 1990 ;

  • Resource Person of Gender issues Seminar organized by Daily Kompas, Kalyanamitra and Jakarta Legal Aid Society, 1990 ;

  • Attending Seminar on Low Income Group Some Legal approacher, organized by ESCAP, Bangkok, 1981 ;

  • Attending Human Right Seminar Organized by ACHRO (Asian Coalition of Human Rights Organization Manila 1987 ;

  • Attending Seminar on The Independence of Judges and Legal Profession, Tagatay, Manila 1988;

  • Attending Seminar on Human Rights and Militerization, CCA, Kuala Lumpur, 1981;

  • Attending the Second Conference of Lawyer of Asia and the Pacific, Tokyo, 1991;

  • Monitoring Coordinator at Convention Watch-Women Studies Centre, University of Indonesia, 1994.

  • Attending NGO's Symposium on Women in Development, organized by ESCAP, Manila, 1993.

  • Attending Jakarta Ministrial Meeting as member of Indonesian Delegation.

  • Trainer for the Human Rights Training Programme organized by Institute for Policy Studies and Social Advocacy ( ELSAM ).

  • Executive Director of Solidaritas Perempuan 1994 - 1995.

  • Trainer on Beyond Law Training, Bandung, 1994, organized by APWLD (KL), Kalyana Mitra and Solidaritas Perempuan.

  • Attending Workshop on From Basic Need to Basic Rights, Kuala Lumpur, 1995, organized by Women, Institute for Women, Law and Development International.

  • Attending NBO Forum on Women, Buairou, 1995

  • Attending Feminist Legal Perspective Training Theory and Practice, organized by APWLD, Chiang May Thailand, 1995.

  • Attending Women and Politics Workshop, organized by APWLD, Madras, Augusts 1995.


  • The Socio-legal Problems of Land Confiscation, published by Prisma in 1990 ;

  • The Domestication of Women in their Organizational carrier, published by Pesantren Magazines in 1990 ;

  • Some Notes on the Marital Law of 1974, YLBHI, in 1987, paper presented at Young Lawyer Training, organized by YLBHI, unpublished ;

  • The Rights and Position of Women in the context of social and political reality of Indonesia, 1989, YLBHI, published by Radar ;

  • Prospect and Implementation of UN Declaration on the Elimination of discrimination Against Women in Indonesia, 1991, paper presented at National Campaign of Women Rights organized by Solidaritas Perempuan, unpublished ;

  • Some Notes on Sexual Crime under Indonesian Criminal law presented at Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia,1988, unpublished ;

  • Social Aspect of Devorce Under Marital Law of 1974, presented at Faculty of Law University of Indonesia, 1989, unpublished ;

  • The Position of Women Moslem in Indonesia,paper presented at INIS ( Indonesian Netherlands Corporation in Islamic Studies Seminar published by INIS, 1992.

  • Gender Ideology of Women Movement in Indonesia, published by Radar YLBHI, 1989 ;

  • Labor Policy in the Era of Industrialization in Indonesia, , paper presented at Faculty of Economy, University of Airlangga (1991),published by Republika News Paper, 1993

  • Industrial Relations and The Rights of The Workers, 1989, paper presented at University of Indonesia, unpublished ;

  • Tactic and Legal Strategy in Handling Criminal Cases, 1988, paper presented at young Lawyer Training organized by LBH Jakarta, unpublished

  • Concept of Marriage, Viewed from Marriage Law, paper presented at Dharma Wanita unit Government's Bank , 1992.

  • Engendering a New Order : Endangering Democracy paper presented at "Indonesia Democracy 1950's and 1990's, organized by Monash University, 1992

  • State Power and the Rise of Working Class, paper presented at Murdoch University, 1993.

  • Kartini and Human Right, paper presented at The idea of Kartini and its relevance, organized by Women's Studies Group in Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia, 1993 and published by Kompas Daily, 22nd 1995.

  • International Law on Women's Human Right and the implementation in Indonesia published by Femina Magazines, 1994.

  • Indonesian Legal System and Women's Movement for Gender Equality , paper presented at Women's Legal Right Seminar, organized by Femina Magazines, April, 1994 and published by LPPS.

  • The Relevance of Sender Equality and Autonomy, published by Kompas Daily, 26th September 1994.

  • Double Face of Prostitution, published by Forum Keadilan Magazine, April, 1995.

  • Feminist Perspective of Rape Law, published by Kompas Daily, 20 August 1995.

  • Sosio juridical Aspect of Unwanted Pregnancy, paper presented Seminar on Unwanted Pregnancy organized by PKBI, in Medan, July 1995.

  • Reproductive Rights in Indonesia, paper presented in National Seminar on Reproductive Rights, organized by Gajahmada University, April 1995.

  • Dual World of Women's Worker, published by Forum Keadilan Magazine, November 1996.

  • Women's Movement as Cultural Movement, paper presented at Taman Ismail Marzuki Cultural Center, November 1995.

  • Law and Social Aspect of Sexual Harassment, published by Kompas Daily, December 1995.

  • The implementation of Mitra Sejajar Concept, paper presented on NSO - Men UPW Meeting, March 7, 1996.

  • From Beijing to Indonesia, paper presented for commemorate International Women's day, March 8, 1996, organized by UNIC.

  • Legal Protection of Migrant Workers, paper presented at National Workshop on Promoting Migrant Workers Services Export, organized by Human Resource Department, 28th March 1996.

  • Legal Aspect of the Reproductive Rights of Adolescent in Indonesia, paper presented in National Seminar organized by JEN, Bali 24-27 November 1998

  • Women's leader and Democracy (Kompas, 1 July 1999)

  • The Relevance of outonomy and gender equality (kompas, 26 September 1994)

  • Participation & Representation of women in politic

  • Alternative Report to Cedaw on Cedaw implementation (ed) (LBH APIK - 1998)

  • Changing power or exchange power: the problem of creatif democratic institution (paper presented in the seminar "Indonesia in transition" Organized by ANU, Australia 1999).

  • Military violence in Indonesia (paper presented in expert meeting & open forum in Kyoto, 1999 - organized by Asian Women's fun).

  • Prostitution, Law & Human Right.

  • Study on gender and legal system in Indonesia (2000)

  • Towards the gender responsive public policy (paper presented at: gender and good governance workshop organized by KPI)

  • Case study on violence against women Indonesia: The drama of superiority of man.



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