Here in this page, I would like to tell you a little about myself.

My name is Teguh, but my family call me wawan. I live with my parents in Solo, Indonesia. I have sisters and grandmother that I love . 
I was born in September 1979, 16th. My star is Virgo. I remember when I was a child, I change my date of birth to 17th because I thought that the star of September 17th is Libra. At that time I thought that a boy / man should not have a virgo star because virgo is look like to presenting a feminism. It is a funny thinking of mine , isn't it?
But now i like my star virgo, it is a unique star.  ^-^
My hobby is singing , listening to music especially Kpop and Jpop, Listening to the abroad broadcasting radio, learning Japanese and English and I like to read interesting news. I like to watch movie too, especially Japanese movie. The movie that I like is comedy and horror. 
I like to sing japanese or Korean Song. My favorite singer is BOA. Why I like her? Because she has a good performance of dance, beautiful and nice voice. In addition, she is very young but could speak Japanese so fluently. Boa also could sing in English and Chinese too. The other of my favorite artist is Harisu. As a transgender woman she looks like more feminine , beautiful and sexier than woman. 
I like to learn Japanese because I have a deep interest about Japan for its culture, people and scenery.  I hope that in the future if I have much many I could go to visit Japan
When I was in Senior High School, I like to listening to abroad broadcasting radio like BBC,Deutsche Welle, Radio Netherland, NHK, Radio Singapore International, VOA, Radio Taipei International and others radio. I listening to them to improve my knowledge of foreign languages those are English, Chinese, and Japanese. I very like to learn those languages. I hope that I could speak fluently of them, but live in the society that not use those language, It needed a hard work. Untill today I still could not speak fluently, just know about very very little. Nowdays, I do not listening those radio again because of my busy work, but sometimes I still do. Till this time I am still learning Japanese.
I learn Japanese autodidactly. But I have ever taken a course for three months in PPKA21 Nobuko Gakuen Ska, but the results are not what I expected, so now I learn alone. I learn Japanase by watching Japanese dorama, reading book, surfing the Internet to gain many information about japanese language, trying to make sentence in japanese and then talk to myself.
My job now is a programmer. Exactly this is not Job that I want, but I keep to run through on it. Exactly I also do not know what job that suits to me. I have many many dream. I want to be a news presenter on TV or radio, I also want to work in a job that related to Japanese language. But maybe my dreams is for next time. At this time I should run my life as what I had received. I think I should try my life as programmer, maybe it will suit for me, and because that knowledge of programmer I only to know.
I think that I have a good voice to read news. I like to read the news on newspaper and acting like a news presenter on TV. Sometimes my grandmother say " You should be a news presenter". I want to apply to a TV station but I do not have a confidence, because I do not have large of knowledge, because a news presenter is required to have a large of knowledge.

Thank you for reading a story of mine, I will continue this writing next week, So if you want to know more about me, please waiting for me in the last update............................

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