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Short articles about Jakarta city. The articles are edited from various reliable sources such as publication of governments, universities, museums, and the agent of researches for culture, recreations, and travel. Further source if available on internet will be lead to get deeper insight on various matters relating to Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia. Jakarta started from a tiny port of Sunda Kelapa which was estimated at the same time with the development of West Java kingdom of Parahyangan before 1350 A.D, and during 1555 has become first port visited by the merchant of Portuguese. Such a long history of the city would record various historical events which is interested to look into it more deeper. Historical aspect of Jakarta city is always the most interesting materials to explore, since the great city has the relationship with almost all ethnics of Indonesia since very beginning of the town. Second fact is that Jakarta can not be sepearted from the rise of Banten Sultanate as the beginning of Islamization of Java starting from Demak and Cirebon, with big numbers of Hindu Princess convereted themselves into Islam.
Short History of Jakarta, a short note on Jakarta's past and it's position to the development of Indonesia.
Jakarta Special Province, a short note on administration of Jakarta City both as the goverment of Jakarta city itself and the administration of Indonesia.
Taman Ismail Marzuki, an Art Center for Jakarta's traditioanal dances and education of arts.
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, or Beautiful Indonesia Miniature, is a prestigious project to bring highlight of Indonesian Cultures into single page open.
National Museum of Indonesia, the center of historical and ethnographycal study of Indonesia for the light of Indonesian historical aspects.
Jakarta's Various Museum, introducing in short various museum in the city of Jakarta which is also an interesting place to visit.
Ancol Recreation Park, a spectacular recreation place for the residents of Jakarta where various theme art, beach and activities are availeble.

The Pekan Raya Jakarta Pekan
Raya Jakarta or known as Jakarta Fair or Jakarta International Expo is one of the biggest fair ground in South East Asia built to boost the business life of Indonesia and regionally the countries of south east Asia. The organization of exhibition is held regularly for various line of products from traditional to modern hi-tec products that can be produced at the decades. The location of the Jakarta International Expo as the regular place of Jakarta Fair orPekan Raya Jakarta is at South Jakarta near Kemayoran area.

Tanjung Priok Sea Port
Tanjung Priok is one of the biggest seaport in Indonesia belong to Jakarta Spceial Province. Among the biggest sea port of Indonesia developped since 17th century are Tanjung Perak - Surabaya, Belawan - North Sumatra, and Soekarno - Hatta Sea port in Makassar, south Sulawesi. The traffic of goods from various areas of Indonesia are concentrate4d at those 3 ports to be forwarded to outside Indonesia, and as on entry ports of imported goods.

Jakarta Convention Center
Jakarta Convention Center is one of Jakartas land mark on conference, exhibition and meeting business with international standard. Located at Jalan Gatot Subroto in the center of Jakarta city, quipped with the latest audio visual for the full function of business promotion and transaction. Some short information on Jakarta Convention Center are presented as follows:

Visit Map of Jakarta CityJakarta - Batavia - Banten
The existance of Jakarta city has parallel with the existence of current provice of Banten and West Java in general as the capital city of West Java province which is also known as the Pasundan land. Both Banten Port city and Jakarta city are located on the north shore of West Java, read more

To have brief information on various matters of Jakarta we present short articles on Jakarta which will be developed continously as the main source of information please click through ARTICLE link above
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