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The following list privide the reader with the location that might be in the interest. Each of the location is given the selected hotels that might be suitable for their budget. To see based on municipality areas such as Central Jakarta, North Jakarta, West Jakarta, and South Jakarta, please see the left side of the page under the heading of Accommodation.

Ancol Recreation Park area. Is the most popular recreation for the resident of Jakarta city and visitor from outside of the city and even forein visitors. Ancol has so many entertainment from children to adult entertainment and recreations. But there are only small number of hotel can be found within this area.

China town or Glodok An old part of Jakarta City close to the traditional phinisi port of Sunda Kelapa. This part of the town is famous with various classic artitectures and situation that might remind us of the 17th century of Dutct town of Batavia

Gambir Station Is the biggest train station in the city of Jakarta a hub of various transportation directions connecting the city with other areas of West Java, Central Java and East Java.

Jakarta Convention Center One of the biggest exhibition hall with complete facilities for trade fair, convention, meeting and other bigger event organization, which is located very close to the sport center of Jakarta the Senayan and Istora Bung Karno Sport Center.

Jakarta International Expo One of the biggest trade fair ground in Asia capable of hosting thousands of stands with complete facilities needed by the trader in this modern time.

Kebayoran Baru New suburb of Jakarta, located at the southern part of the city which is now covered by the administration of South Jakarta City Municipality. North area of Kemayoran is the center of sport in Jakarta such as Senayan and Gelora Bung Karno Sport Center.

Kemang Area Kemang is the area known as the most crowded area with the entertainment, souvernir shops, and cafes or night life. That is the area very popular among expatriat or foreign travelers.
Kuningan Area Kuningan area is the most deluxe area of South Jakarta with dozens of sky crappers, expatriat estates, and beautiful garden and expensive restaurants.

Mangga Dua Area Mangga Dua is known for it shopping paradise of Jakarta with at least 4 shopping centers, it is become the premier place for shoppers both domestic and Asian people.

Menteng Area Menteng area is just south of important part of Central Jakarta such as the National Monument with its beautiful garden or lake for recreations and dozens of cafes and food stalls attracting the various people to enjoy the atmosphere.

Tebet Area Tebet area is under the administration of South Jakarata Municpality close the the main road or toll Gatot Subroto which is like the main blood vessel of Jakarta City.

Jalan Thamrin Area Jalan Thamrin is the most luxurious area of Central Jakarta with dozens of sky crappers expensive hotels and restaurants, and the location of important offices of government, business enterprises, and others.

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Bogor and Puncak Pass Tea Plantation.Bogor can be said as the suburb of Jakarta city located 60 kms south of Jakarta. The city has a very nice weather with very famous Botanical Garden called Bogor Botanical Garden. The park has more than 10.000 species from world wide. Bogor has also Taman Safari, as beautiful panorama as Bogor Botanical Garden, the park has become very popular sightseeing place for people from Jakarta and Bandung, or even foreign tourists. The area between Bogor and the Puncak Pass is believed to be the water reservoir of Jakarta city with it's forever green which is now having problem and has been sending flood to Jakarta city. see more ....

The Fantasy Land Fun and Jump including Refreshment (5.5 hours)
Sea World ( Come get your hands wet. Where fearsome sharks, graceful fishes and bizarre sea creatures swim within touching distance)
Oceanarium ( See the fresh water aquariums with different kinds of colorful fishes from all over Indonesia )
Art Market ( Find the very friendly atmosphere here, the artist will gladly unveil the meaning behind their works of paintings, wood carvings and other art works. Traditional and contemporary art performances at open area are shown regularly). It is good for family with their children. See more

Old Batavia Heritage Tour including Refreshment 5 hours. China Town called Glodok is the oldest China Town in Jakarta. Open markets, small shop with typical old Chinese architecture, tiny alleys and charming cracked make this area a photographers' paradise. Sunda Kelapa Harbour. The citys' old harbour located in the head of Batavia. En routes the old drawbridge from 17 century. This harbour is the first used by Portuguese and Dutch when they arrived in Indonesia. Feel exciting when the boatman take you around the waterfront. This place is one of the most important heritages of Jakarta. see more

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