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Find hotels in Central Jakarta from lowest category to the most expensive and fahionable hotels in the area. Below list presents the selected hotels known so far are used to host foreign travelers with the certificate from Government of Indonesia. Hotels in Central Jakarta which are not listed here in according to the current information are not offered to the travelers due to some reasons, especially for the confortability and responsibility of the management to the well travel experience.

Central Jakarta Municpality is one of the 5 administrative areas of Jakarta Raya which is managed by the Governor of Jakarta Special Province. The area of Central Jakarta covers 48,17 square kms and latest data of population number of 6 milions residents - only for Central Jakarta or Jakarta Pusat. The structure of the government of Central Jakarta of Jakarta Pusat is divided into smaller units of administrative areas into 8 Kecamatans level, and each Kecamatan level is divided into smaller units called Kelurahan government. The smallest unit of government called Kelurahan. A Kelurahan consist of Rukuns, the smallest unit of local demographic administration. In the area of Central Jakarta municipality or known also as Kota Madya Jakarta Pusat, there are 44 Kelurahans, and round 5.172 Rukuns. A Rukun is a unit of civilian service that is directly serving the residents or the people from various affairs of life. The border of Central Jakarta municipality is indicated by the Jalan Duri Raya, Jalan KH Zainal Arifin, Jalan Sukardo Wiryapranoto, railroad, Jalan Mangga Dua, and Jalan Sunter for northern area, Jalan Jendral Akhmad Yani for east area, Jalan Pramuka, Jalan Matraman, Ciliwung river, Jalan Jendral Sudirman, Jalan Hang Tuah for south area, and for west area is bordered by Grogol river, Jalan Pal Merah, Jalan Aidpda Ks Tubun, Jalan Jembatan Tinggi and the flood channel. Visit the site of Central Jakarta site, yet despite the beautiful design it is not a good site in term of information and presentation. It looks that the government does not understand the important of the website as the main education for the people.

Budget Hotels in Central Jakarta
Alia Hotel Pasar Baru***Budget
No.13 located just in the center of Central Jakarta Municipality. The newly built Pasar Baru meaning exactly as newly built market, compete the older established market or super market within the city of central Jakarta
Alma Hotel**
Hotel Alma is located at the most strategic area which is only 25 minutes from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, five minutes walk to The "Tanah Abang" shopping center. And less than ten minutes by taxi to the Thamrin and Sudirman business center, where Sogo, Plaza Indonesia and Sarinah Dept.
Alpine Hotel***
Jalan Gunung Sahari Raya No.35 Jakarta within the district of Jakarta prime business and shopping area, close to government offices, Kemayoran Trade center, Pasar Baru market, Mangga Dua and Glodok shopping area
Atlantic Hotel**
Located Jalan Salemba, a main road leading from North Jakarta to South Jakarta passing Central Jakarta, that is Gunung Sahari road, yet the location of Salemba is still within the area of Jakarta Pusat or central Jakarta.
Formule 1 Hotel**
Located at Menteng area, Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No. 79, Menteng, Jakarta, Indonesia, 10310, one of the most bussy area of South Jakarta, yet it is not far from Central Jakarta or Jakarta Pusat.
Bintang Griyawisata***
Jl. Raden Saleh No. 16 Jakarta standing in strategic location within the center of Jakarta's commercial district, close to the Fruit and Flower Market and The Jakarta Institute of Arts known as the Taman Ismail Marzuki with it's famous abbreviation of T.I.M.
Grand Cempaka Hotel****
Jl. Letjen Suprapto, Cempaka Putih Jakarta nests in the commercial area of Cempaka Putih Jakarta close to the shopping district around 10 minutes driving from Tanjung Priok Harbor, 20 minutes driving from Soekarno - Hatta Airport
Golden Boutique Hotel****
Jl. Gunung Sahari no. 46 Jakarta walking distance to Golden Truly Superstore, close to the Jakarta Exhibition Center in Kemayoran, ITC Mangga Dua Wholesaler & Shopping Center, Ancol Recreation Center parks and many other shopping centers
Orchardz Hotel***
Orchardz Hotel is located along the Jalan Gunung Sahari Jakarta which is the main traffice from North Jakarta to central Jakarta passing important places such as Jakarta International Expo or Jakarta Fair, Golden Truily Super Market and various buisness center of East of Central Jakarta city known as the district of Kemayoran
Paragon Hotel***
Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim No. 29 Jakarta near to Sarinah Shopping Center, The Jakarta Theatre, Planet Hollywood, The Hard Rock Cafe, Plaza Indonesia, Gambir Railway Station, and the State Palace are near to the Paragon Hotel
Sofyan Betawi Hotel***
Jalan Cut Meutiah Jakarta's peaceful area in a very strategic location of Jakarta's business of Central Jakarta is known as the center of big corporations, retail business, industry, and various services
Sparks Hotel*** The location of Mangga Dua is well known for its shopping paradise with various products made at home and imported from various countries. ITC Mangga Dua for example become the main destination of people shopping to Jakarta from Singapore, Thailan and Malaysia
Traveller Hotel***
Jl. P. Jayakarta 70 Jakarta close to the Kemayoran exhibition center and the Ancol dreamland and seaworld aquarium with various recreation activities
Triniti Hotel***
The Triniti Hotel Jakarta is located at Jalan Pembangunan a complex on the lest side of Gajah Mada / Hayam Wuruk main road that leading from the area of Mangga Besar and Golodok the area of China town southward to national monuments. The complex of Pembangunan area bordered by the main road of KH Hasyim Ahsari to the municpal of West Jakarta.
Willtop Hotel***
Jl. P. Jayakarta No. 44 Jakarta within walking distance to important sites of Jakarta such as ITC Mangga Dua Shopping Center, ten minutes drive to Ancol Dreamland and Sea world, the Jakarta Fair Ground, it is the largest exhibition and convention hall in Indonesia

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One of the biggest cities in Asia with population around ten million, Jakarta is a huge and vast dwelling of multi ethnic of Indonesia, even foreign nationalities. Toward 1990s Jakarta was the most promising land for investing the money of any kind from properties, supermarkets, entertainments and related travel services. Given advantage by abundant cheap labor, land, and transportation, stable political situation and many other facilities from local government of Jakarta, great improvement of city's commercial infrastructure had brought almost tree times increase in number of modern high rise building for offices, banks, entertainments, and hotels. The spectacular projects such as Ancol Recreation Park and Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature or Taman Mini Indonesia Indah added the directory of Jakarta as the developing tourist destinations and only for leisure travelers but also for business and convention travel. Convention facilities such as Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta Hilton Convention Center, and the Jakarta Fair Ground with it's 17.000 sq meters open space are the bustling business facilities. Jakarta traces back it's root from a small port at the mouth of Ciliwung river a small port from probably had been started in 10th during the flourishing Parahyangan kingdom of West Java or probably from the life of Taruma Negara kingdom of 5th century. The center of Parahyangan kingdom is what we know as Bandung and controlling the area of West Java known as the land of Pasundan and the people is called Sunda ethnic those resident of current West Java including the original resident of Jakarta, the Betawi. From 5th century until 1600 Jakarta which was not yet known as Jakarta enjoyed long stable life with not much changes under the Hindu kingdom of Parahyangan, then controlled
by first Indonesian kingdom of Majapahit of East Java from 14th to 15th century. Toward the 17th century the fall of Hindu kingdom changed by the Muslim kingdom of Demak, Banten and Jayakarta ( now Jakarta ). The relation of the royal palace with foreign traders such as Dutch and Portuguese made the kingdom with local piety of religion and spiritual wisdom indeed over-controled by the new concept of Western life of empirical orientation which born a modern technology. The relation of the sultans of Banten and Jayakarta with the Dutch, was the new era and of international trade with Europe introduced especially on spice and nutmegs, which was said the price was higher then gold. With the international relation at the moment where Indonesian kingdoms were still live with religious orientation had been left far behind by the West who had started empirical orientation. With this different they can easily defeated the local with their mechanized arm or technology. After the independence of Indonesia the name of Jayakarta renamed again as Jakarta until now, and decided as the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia. The fall of president Soeharto in 1998 and the undetected movement of Malaysian terrorists have made the whole economy of Indonesia shrinking chilly indefinitely.

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