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Thanks for sending your valuable inquiry, and please do your best to spend a little of your time to read below important information

  • Inquiry Status
    We do not block directly the room when we receive and answer your inquiry. If you agree on our rates, conditions and others please send a written information to us informing us of your decision. Without written answer we will do no action on your inquiry.
  • Payment, we need payment in advance by telegraphic transfer or swift to our bank or by any other means practical for your arrangment and our cost. A more detail information will be informed to you during exchanging correspondence.
  • Reservation Status
    All hotels issue a certain conditions be followed by the agencies or person booking the rooms, especially concerning the cancellation policy. Hotels in Jakarta apply in average 1 week cancellation policy. Meaning that if confirmed booking is cancelled before 7 days prior to the date of arrival the cancellation charge will not be required. If canceled on the day of arrival there will be various policies, some will charge for the cost of 2 nights stay, or even the whole stay value of the room blocked. The most important is when booking is cancelled after the guest stying in the hotel there will be no refund made by the hotel. There are various policies on this system, it is suggested that guest booking certain hotel to get clear and specific information from us during correspondence. In case the guest do not asking us we consider the guest accept the policy being applied by respective hotel.
  • Exchange rates. Payment by credit card in Indonesia requires the mrechant to charge customer in Rupiah based on on going rate of exchange. Due to the exchanging process from Indonesian bank to card centers and then to the bank of customer where her/his credit card is issued, there can be different of end result of the invoice to the customer. This final invoice to customer can be a bit higher than what is the value of transaction or can also be lower. Please be informed that most of our transaction based on US Dollars and the rate of exchange between Rupiah and US Dollar is not stable. Our experience for 12 years working on this type of payment we found a different between US$ 1.00 to US$ 10.00 obove or below the real value of transaction. We do not take for our account this over or less amount from total transaction as it is purely come from the difference of exchane rates.
  • US DOLLAR bank notes. Please note that not all series of US Dollars bank notes are accepted with normal rate in In
    donesia. Here is the series are normally refused : CA, CB, CF, DB 400...., DB 061....., DH 143....and bank notes issued earlier then 1996 are refused by the banks, and are rated 10% lower from the current rate of exchange by all money sellers ( money exchange ). Bank note with scratches, strokes, dot, and any trace of ink will also undervalued like this. While to determine if the bank note is original or imitation normally in the banks or maney changers they have the tools already which can be applied directly at the front of the guest.
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