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West Jakarta municipality is one of the administrative area under the government of Jakarta province, counts 1.565.084 residents according to the latest registration by government on June 2002. West Jakarta records the fastest development of population growth. In the year of 2000 it was recorded a number of 1.537.035, then on the follwoing year of 2001 1.565.387, in the year of 2002 until June reached 1.567.090. West Jakarta is the beginning of current vast city of Jakarta with total population more then 10 millions, starting from a tiny port of Sunda Kelapa in 1600s. As the oldest part of Jakarta, West Jakarta has the most interesting historical sites from Hindu, Moslem, and the era of Dutch Est Indies. See more about West Jakarta site in Bahasa Indonesia

Interesting Places in West Jakarta worth mentioning are Museum Sejarah Jakarta, a historical museum of the development of Jakarta city. The building of the museum was a city hall in 1710, and was built in 1707 during the construction of Dutch Est Indies. Old Building or Shops or Offices, along Jalan Kali Besar Barat were built during 19th centuries such as Lloyd Insurance, Standard Chartered Bank, P.T. Samudra Indonesia, P.T. Jasa Raharja, and PT. Bhanda and Graha Reksa. Museum Textile, the building was built in 19th century by a France national which was later bought by the Consular Agency of Turkey Mr. Abdul Aziz Almussawi Al Katiri. In 1947 the building become the basis for Indonesian Army in struggle for independence Asrama Polisi Palmerah, a building with the style of Europe, which is called by local resident with the name of " landhuis" or high building, as during 19th century it was the highest building at the area. Gereja Sion, a Church built in 1605 by Portuguese with the name " Protugeesche Buiten Kerk with the beautiful utensils carved by carver specially brought from Taiwan. The size of Gereja Sion is only 60 x 50 meters on a land of 6.725 square meters. Gereja Katolik Santa Maria de Fatima, built at the beginning of 20th century with Chinese style. According to the record this building was actually constructed for a house. Bangunan Toko Merah, built in 1730 and was the house of Governor General Van Imhoff ( 1705 - 1750 ) with the name of the building Hoofd Kantoor Jacobson. The name of Gedung Merah is come from the color of the interior and decorations are all in red, so it is called Red Building in Indonesian is Gedung Merah. In the year of 1743 - 1755 by Governor General Remier de Klerk it was used for the base of Navy Academy, later used as the hosting house of high dignitaries. Before world war II, the building was renovated by Bank Voor Indie which was later became their office

West Jakarta Hotels
Selected hotels on West Jakarta municipality. West Jakarta has not many choice of hotels since, the location of central and south Jakarta actually not so far, beside the center of business development is not yet in a scale for west Jakarta except at the northern area.
Aston Grand Suite**** Nests in the center of business district of Jakarta at Jalan Garnisun Dalam, Karet, Semanggi. The area of Semanggi is known for its Universities and also service companies
Batavia Hotel**** Located among busy old Jakarta's China town, within walking distance from the original site of Jakarta city that is the port of Kalapa which was visited by envoys of Portuguese in August 1622
Ciputra Hotel***** Located at Lippo Karawachi near Tanggaerang city, the first landmark visible when coming from the International Airport on the toll road. The Hotel is located directly above one of Jakarta's largest and most comprehensive shopping malls, providing direct access to exclusive shops, restaurants, banks, cinemas, karaoke and entertainment places of West Jakarta
Grand Tropic All Suites**** located in West Jakarta, just off the toll road and is only 30 miniutes driving by card to cental Jakarta. The old name of the hotel was Mercure Hotel and Residence Slipi
Imperial Aryaduta Hotel***** Located at Lippo Karawaci, and Country Club is at the heart of a new destination around 40 kms from Central Jakarta on the industrial zone of the new developped city of Jakarta
Jatra Hotel budget 105 guest rooms with real budget travel plan for those who is looking for less consideration of staying in overshadowed by luxury, yet staying in a confortable standard travel facilities
Kartika Chandra Hotel**** Located near Government offices, diplomatic mission, Central Business District, Shopping centre, Monument National, Indonesia Museum, and the most famous Jakarta Round
Kchrysant Hotel US$ 38.00 budgetOn the strait way of Daan Mogot to the east at the cross road is University of Trisakti. 20 minutes from Gambir Train Station, 25 minutes from Senen Train Station, 20 minutes Soekarno-Hatta
Kristal Hotel*** Sets near Jakarta International School South Jakarta, yet physically closer to West Jakarta administrative area, the outer ring road, at Jalan Tarogong Raya, Cilandak Barat
Menara Peninsula**** Nests in the Slipi area, which is close to the Jakarta Convention Center, 10 minutes drive to the business and leisure districts
Mercure Rekso Hotel**** Located at Jl. Hayam Wuruk, in the heart of Batavia town, the most historic part of Jakarta city, especially west Jakarta municipality
Permata Indah Hotel real budget Permata Indah Hotel sets in the middle of Permata Indah Residency and business area on the side of famous Daan Mogot street. This area is close to the border of North and Central Jakarta. Along the road of Daan Mogot are offices and station of famous Indonesian TV such as Metro TV and Indosiar TV
Santika Hotel**** Located central to the business district of West Jakarta. From airport to Santika Hotel Jakarta is only 25 minutes drive by car or public transportation or private taxi meter
Twin Plaza Hotel**** located in the heart of Jakarta at East West express highway of Slipi. Five kms from the Central Business district and 21 kms from Soekarno Hatta International airport

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Wayang Puppet Museum is located at Jalan Pintu Besar Utara no. 27 Jakarta. The bilidng was originally a church, which was totally destroyed by earth quake. The Bataviasche Genootschap van Kusten en Wetenschappen an institution of science and culture bought this building which was then transfered to Stichting Oud Batavia ( Old Batavia Foundation ) on 23 December 1939. Old Batavia Foundation then made it as Out Javasche Museum. In 1957 the museum was handed over to Indonesian Instutute of Culture, and since 23 June 1968 become the property of the government of jakarta city. Under the management of Jakarta city the museum was renamed Museum Wayang or Puppet Museum with complete collection of various Wayang carving. Wayang is an art made of leather with the syle very specific which arises because of the nature of the material. The material is flat which is made to show a three dimensional object, so it looks strange figure in the idea. The carving of wayang first known in Yogyakarta, where the artists imitating the bas reliefs on the ancient temple walls. The birth of wayang figures seemed from the beginning inspired by Indian Epic of Ramayana. The carving of Ramayana figures into wayang puppet had born a folk art of waysng show. Wayang show is played by only one person, called the dalang which might more or less can be translated into an animator. To make the animation visualized better the wayang figures movement shadows are fallen on the vertical fabric white screen. The shadows is like positive film, where audiences facing the dalang, different from modern film negative player where audiences facing the same direction with the projector. Here the in wayang show the projector is not a focused light but difused light using traditional oil lamp. Yet in this modern times not rare a dalang set his light with TL bulb. Here at wayang museum Jakarta is exhibited not only puppet made of leather, but various type of art inspired by wayang such as wayang golek ( marionettes ), wayang sculpture, wayang masks, wayang berber, wayang Glass, music for wayang show and wayang paintings. The origin of the wayang arts exhibited at Jakarta Wayang museum coming from Sumatra, java, Bali, Lombok, North Kalimantan, Malaysia, China, Cambodia and Thailand. This museum also organize wayang shows from those areas mentioned above at least 3 times a month. The museum opens daily except Monday, from 08.30 to 14.00, Saturday until 13.00 and Sunday until 15.00
Inscription Museum Located at Jalan Tanah Abang Jakrta, this is more accurate be named as monument Park. A 1.3 hectares land of cemetery with shading by trees and various kinds of tropical plantation exhibiting beautiful park in the icty of Jakarta. The park was inaugurated by Governor of Jakarta Ali Sadikin as an Inscription Museum. This munument are consist of prominent people tombs such as Major General AV Michiesl who was killed when a fierce battle happened between Karangasem kingdom in Lombok against Makassar kingdom supported by the Sasak and the Dutch. The war at last won by the Dutch, Makassar and the Sasak became the colony of the Dutch. Dr. van Roll ( 1867 - 1935 ), Major General JHR Kohler ( 1818 - 1873 ), Olivia Mariane Rafles, the wife of Britis lieutenat Governor Rafles who took over the colony of Dutch after the war in Europe, and known as the founder of modern Singaore. Miss Riboet, Soe Hok Gie, and other prominent persons. The park has become a popular recreation for the residets ofJakarta or outside tourists, and is one of the historical site with great value for not only the municipality of Jakarta, but for the whole Indonesia. The park opens daily from 08.00 to 15.00. Friday until 11.00, and Saturday until 14.00. Sunday and public holidays are closed
National Museum
The Museum National is located on the side of Merdeka Square or Lapangan Merdeka and was uilt in 1862 at that time Dutch colonial administration realized about the great treasure of Indonesian cultural heritages and long history of Indonesia. The biggest surprised for the Western historians was the fact that historical record in Indonesia showing tremendous level of similarities with those in India, India and Asia mainland in general. The elements of India is the most interesting aspect at one side and the fact of Indonesian ethnography. All these facts had invited various experts to study Indonesia in more intensive and extensive effort. In the field of history the archaeologists, paleontologists, epigraphists, linguistic, paleographic and ceramologists have dedicated themselves for the light of Indonesian history, educated local student to understand their culture which had been a great historians such as Prof. Dr. Poerbatjaraka, Prof. Wiryosuparto, Prof Soekarto, Prof. Soekmono, Prof. I.B. Mantra and many others. In the field of Anthropology even more expert were born, although it is much later such as Prof. Koentjaraningrat.

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