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Directory of various hotels by categories and 4 regions of Jakarta city. Hotels in West Jakarta or in Central Jakarta or in South Jakarta. We offer a complete list of hotels from lower category to the most expensive hotels in the city of Jakarta. Choice of hotels based on important places such as convention centers, trade fairs, sport facilities, shopping centers and various other places might need by travelers. First with the division based on areas as can be seen from the list on the left top of this main page and and other various pages that lead to specific category of hotels.

Jakarta Province LogoDKI Jakarta, The Special Province Jakarta Special Province, a city of contrast the continuing influx of migrants from the rest of Indonesia provinces. A brief history of Jakarta as a metropolitan city is presented on a short article. Historically Jakarta is one of the most important historical site for current Asia, as one of the Malay people cultural center. The history of Non Alignment Countries can't be separated from Jakarta which was formed during the government of President Soekarno. More about Jakarta

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For travelers to Jakarta city in whatever type of travel, we believe a consultant from a professional tour organizer will be worth dozens times compared to kitch hike of blind traveling with the hope to go directly to supplier will get cheaper expenses. It is not surprsing why a frequent travelers rely their travel to a tour operator. We provide choice of accommodation which can be easily selected based on areas. Jakarta city is divided into 5 municipal cities, such as North Jakarta city, Central Jakarta city, West Jakarta city, East Jakarta city and South Jakarta city. Visit tour site Jakarta Travel
Jakarta Fair Ground. One prominent place in Jakarta is the Pekan Raya Jakarta. Known as Jakarta International Expo is really a great place for international big business exhibitions or expos which was aimed to boost the domestic and Asian regional trade. The expo has 5 great halls including various big halls to cater every aspect of a trade fairs such as business center, media room, communication room, and all its related facilities needed during the events. Visit more
Jakarta National Museum is the land mark of culture of Jakarta Metropolitan city. Archaeological and historic study on Indonesia has been establishing the information of Indonesian past on ethnography, and nature. About National Museum

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Jakarta City has many interesting places such as Mangga Dua Area, Golden Triangle area, Kemang Area and Cempaka Putih Area which are the most popular places for shopping. While for leisure travel Jakarta has important places such as Sunda Kelapa traditional Port, Ancol recreation park, and South Jakarta night life. One can find most of the hotel in Jakarta in this listing, start to navigate from the right or left of this page.

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Banten - Batavia - Jakarta The existence of current metropolitan city of Jakarta can not be separated with the competing power of Banten Kingdom in 16th Century with the kingdom of West Java with it's famous port of Sunda Kelapa which has been the candidate of current one of the biggest city in Asia with many contrasting life and nature. With the heavy burden of the city with government offices both it's own administration and the center of Indonesian government offices. Jakarta - Banten

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