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Hall for Exhibition. Pekan Raya Jakarta or known as Jakarta Fair or Jakarta International Expo is one of the biggest fair ground in South East Asia built to boost the business life of Indonesia and regionally the countries of south east Asia. The organization of exhibition is held regularly for various line of products from traditional to modern hi-tec products that can be produced at the decades. The location of the Jakarta International Expo as the regular place of Jakarta Fair or Pekan Raya Jakarta is at South Jakarta near Kemayoran area.
The whole complex of the Pekan Raya Jakarta has 5 great halls numbered from A, B, C, D, E. Each hall has great facilities with the specification of a true big expo facilities. For example take HALL-A, it has the size of 144 m x 57.6 m, floor area .295 sqm, partial room 2.765 sqm ( part 1, 2, 4 ), floor lading 2 - 5 ton/sqm , roof type Steel pipe arch truss, wall structure Concrete block, floor structure Concrete slab, roof height 12 m at the eaves - 15 m at the peak, loading door : 6 doors each 6 m (W) and 6 m (H), toilet : Male & Female 6 locations, air conditioning 1,048 TR, electricity power 380 / 220 volts - 50 Hz, 3 phases, electric power capacity :2.250 KVA, and many other facilities.
Open Space. They also have great 3 open space that can accommodate thousands of people or set up into many big events.
Convention Up to this day, Jakarta International Expo has succeeded in holding many exclusive meetings and special events at the Convention Center Located within a large space area of Pekan Raya Jakarta, our building and facilities are ready and available for full-scale World Conventions, Seminars, Meetings and Conferences. With the highly committed managers and multi-talented staff of Jakarta International Expo, we can ensure that our services and facilities meet and exceed your expectations. The building's facilities offer full audio visual (A/V) support, rooms and theatres of various sizes with a wide array of equipment set-ups. Well designed meeting rooms of various sizes with full air conditioning also contribute to more convenience and the necessary ambience for all of the meeting attendees. To add a special touch, we can also provide you with our fabulous in-house catering service managed by 5 stars hotel, for meal and coffee breaks during or after the meeting. Members of the board, delegates and other meeting attendees can enjoy these premium facilities offered by our professional team. We understand the importance of our client's time schedules, therefore we have also set up high speed escalators to help explore the whole building easily. To give extra convenience to our clients, transportation and telecommunication services are also easily accessible. With these excellent services, the Convention Center has proven to be the ideal place to convene any important events.
Trade Mart The Trade Mart building in Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta consists of five floors, each with its own use for trade exhibitions. In view of our achievement to hold many successful trade expos in the venue, we have received extensive recognition from the general business community of our efforts and quality in service. Set to hold the upcoming finest trade expo, the building is offering space options between 500 to 2.680 sqm, from the first to the fifth floor. The exhibitors can choose between these space options according to their needs. Each space size has its own advantages which will contribute to a more successful event.
Large space area is not the only facility that we have come up with to perfect client's needs. We are also determined to increase our services through a set of basic and advanced facilities. Air conditioning system, basic lighting, electrical support and security are only examples of our basic facilities.
In terms of telecommunication facilities we have set up all telecommunication devices in the building. We understand the client's and public's needs for communication, therefore as many as 200 telephone lines are available per floor, and there are also several public telephones in certain location nearby. Other room facilities such as Gambir Expo room, Media Center room, and Business Center room which are fully equipped with latest audio visual equipments.

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Jakarta International Expo @Jakarta International Expo 2005, All rights reserved Gedung Pusat Niaga Lt. 1 Arena PRJ Kemayoran Jakarta 10620, Indonesia Tel +62 21 26645000/131, Fax +62 21 65700010 email
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Four and a half hour tour with Dinner 4.5 visiting interesting places such as PASSER BAROE ( PASSER BAROE, today known as PASAR BARU was built in 1860 as a real mall with classic architectural design. PASSER BAROE is famous as a place to buy shoes, textiles, sports goods, glasses, and all kinds of watches and clocks. Across the canal of this area, you will find the GEDUNG KESENIAN Jakarta Arts Theatre which regularly stages prestigious art and performances). NATIONAL MONUMENT ( Called MONAS was built during First President era. Standing at 137 meters in height, it is capped with a 50 kgs flame of gold). see more

Jakarta Cosmopolitan Tour is an excursion visiting the most interesting places in Jakarta metropolitan city including Refreshment and Lunch takes around 8 hours. NATIONAL MUSEUM ( Established in 1778 by Dutch Batavia Association of Arts and Science, this cultural center offers excellent display of history, archeology and religion, exhibiting important collections from international sites). NATIONAL MONUMENT ( Called MONAS was build during first President era. Standing at 137 meters in height, it is capped with 50 kgs flame of gold. ART SHOP (To see and find typical souvenir from different places of Indonesia such as Batik. see more

Read the name it might cause misleading to imagine that there are around a thousand islands or in Bahasa Indonesia is Pulau Seribu. Seribu means one thousand, but the actual islands are around 130. The name is just an expression of the great number of islands that dots Jakarta Bay starting around 15 to 100 kms north from specs of atols to a real inhabited islands or Pulau-pulau hidup. Pulau Seribu or thousand islands has been known since the era of Dutch at the beginning of 19th century, which in the course of history with the development of Jakarta. see more

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