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The transportation problem of Jakarta is traffic jump which has long been a nightmare for the resident and people who has important assignment to the capital city. The worriedness of the great problem has born a theory hat in 2014 Jakarta's traffic will collapse, due to the growth of car is faster and that the capacity of the road. It is like frightening myth but logically sure it could happened. Under Mr. Sutiyoso, known as Bang Yos, a revolutionary idea has been done to free the people from the myth. With his talented staff Mr. Rustam Effendi the governor Sutiyoso developed" Macro Transportation Scheme ( JMaTS )" This program integrates all public transportation's which have been existing long time as government companies such as Busway, light rail Transit ( LRT ), Mass Rapid Transit ( MRT ), River - Lake - Strait Crossing ( ASDP ) with JMaTS which uses 3 basis of transportation : land, rail, water and traffic restraint. This integrated program is expected to complete by 2007 or latest by 2010. First step toward the realization of this great idea is the Trans Jakarta Busway which was started in 15 January 2004. The program of JMaTS has a great mission of educating people to be discipline in traffic and using public services which is actually the foundation of a nation to reach the advancement in all aspects of life.

At the beginning the idea of integrated transport system of Jakarta was critisized of being corrupt project or unrealistic idea and others. Despite the fact hat so many critics to the project the governor of Jakarta with his clear vision on the future of traffic of Jakarta he made his resolution that the problem of traffic can only be overcome if it is started from now physically and educationally. So many cities in Indonesia have entered the problem like Jakarta, but no leader that has the quality like Bang Yos, who really care about the future of his country. It was said that Bang Yos also did a study to Bogota, the capital city of Columbia at South America concerning the busway, a third world also facing the same problem of city traffic.

The management of Busway is given to Badan Pengelola Trans Jakarta under the head of Irzal Djamal. According to Rustam Effendi, the number of car in Jakarta is 5,4 million units with growth rate of 11% per year. In 2003 every day 138 new car / motor registrations were issued. If it is configured that on the road every car running on every road need space 50 cms between them, so it will need 6 meters per unit, which logically everyday need additional extension of road up to 828 meters. In the year of 2004 the addition of car/motor jumped up to 269 unit per day which necessitates 1.614 meters additional road. This is not yet included the projection of cars that enters Jakarta from Bogor, Tanggerang, Bekasi and others which reached 600.000 units or 1.3 million passengers on 2003. This group also experienced growth rate quiet high which reached 700.000 units in 2004. The problem of traffic in Jakarta disclosed to be too complicated when a research indicated that the ratio of private owned car to public car is 98 : 2 per cent, with the number of passengers being transported by 98% compared to 2% have the same number. It is hoped that governor Sutiyoso can be an example of how future leaders of Indonesia handle this country's problem of development which is far legged behind by advanced countries.

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Four and a half hour tour with Dinner 4.5 visiting interesting places such as PASSER BAROE ( PASSER BAROE, today known as PASAR BARU was built in 1860 as a real mall with classic architectural design. PASSER BAROE is famous as a place to buy shoes, textiles, sports goods, glasses, and all kinds of watches and clocks. Across the canal of this area, you will find the GEDUNG KESENIAN Jakarta Arts Theatre which regularly stages prestigious art and performances). NATIONAL MONUMENT ( Called MONAS was built during First President era. Standing at 137 meters in height, it is capped with a 50 kgs flame of gold). see more

Jakarta Cosmopolitan Tour is an excursion visiting the most interesting places in Jakarta metropolitan city including Refreshment and Lunch takes around 8 hours. NATIONAL MUSEUM ( Established in 1778 by Dutch Batavia Association of Arts and Science, this cultural center offers excellent display of history, archeology and religion, exhibiting important collections from international sites). NATIONAL MONUMENT ( Called MONAS was build during first President era. Standing at 137 meters in height, it is capped with 50 kgs flame of gold. ART SHOP (To see and find typical souvenir from different places of Indonesia such as Batik. see more

Read the name it might cause misleading to imagine that there are around a thousand islands or in Bahasa Indonesia is Pulau Seribu. Seribu means one thousand, but the actual islands are around 130. The name is just an expression of the great number of islands that dots Jakarta Bay starting around 15 to 100 kms north from specs of atols to a real inhabited islands or Pulau-pulau hidup. Pulau Seribu or thousand islands has been known since the era of Dutch at the beginning of 19th century, which in the course of history with the development of Jakarta. see more

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