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A full day tour to Bogor, Puncak Pass Tea Plantation and capital city of West Java, Bandung.

Bogor Botanical Garden. Bogor can be said as the suburb of Jakarta city located 60 kms south of Jakarta. The city has a very nice weather with very famous Botanical Garden called Bogor Botanical Garden. The park has more than 10.000 species from world wide. Bogor has beautiful panorama such as Bogor Botanical Garden, the park has become very popular sightseeing place for people from Jakarta and Bandung, or even foreign tourists. The area between Bogor and the Puncak Pass is believed to be the water reservoir of Jakarta city with it's forever green. Today dozen of villas are scattered around the area up to the Puncak which is become the most sought week-end overnight hide away.
Puncak Pass is well known from Dutch era of 19th century as the place for tea estate with magnificent green plateau views. Today the tea plantation is still managed well by the company belong to the state called Perkebunan Enterprise. Here you will see the pick-up of young tea leaves, processing, and and even taste the original tea produced locally.
Bandung the capital city of West Java province visit the factory outlet where one can see bulk number of local products made by semi-machine hand or fully machine, one of the most famous is the Cihamplelas Jean market and to Toko Tiga. Bandung is well known for it's textile industry. This tour is more than 10 hours with the distance around 110 kms and average driving time of 12.5 hours during normal traffic stream from Jakarta to Bandung without stop. Late evening back again in Jakarta.

Tour can be started from any hotel in the city of Jakarta, exept from Tanggerang, the western part of Jakarta city which is too far to reach Bandung in a comfortable time. The tour started at 08.00 in the morning, and will arrive in Bandung after visiting some interesting places on the way around 14.00 hours, a good time to have lunch. It is expected that the tour is to arrive back in Jakarta city in the late evening. Bogor also has many beautiful golf courses and cheap to play golf during working days, yet triple the price during week end and national or international holidays. It is a very good combination if playing golf in Bogor be combined with recreation especially with small group.

Participant Number 1 Person 2 Persons 3 - 6 Persons
Rate per person US$ 125.00 US$ 115.00 US$ 105.00
Rate valid until 31 March 2011. Tour includes air-conditioned mini van, tour guide speaks one of these languages English, German, French, Dutch, and Italian. All admission and donation fees at the places of visit are included.

Phone 62 -361 - 463 448 Fax 0361 - 463 447
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The area of Bogor, just 60 kms south of Jakarta is a bussy town with a population number around 800.000 located on a hill. The area was developed for tea plantation in 1745 by Dutch governor van Imhoff and become a hill resort for consecutive governor of Dutch. Since the location is high makes the the atmosphere has low temperature, and become perfect place to avoid Jakarta for ashort week end relax.

Interesting places in the area of Bogor are Botanical Garden of Kebun Raya Bogor, located at the heart of the city. It was started as a biological research around 1817 by botanist Prof. Reinwardt to develope tea, tobacco, and cinchome for the main trade merchandise of colonial era. The part got enrichment at the later days which now counts more then 15.000 species of trees and plants. This bonatical garden is the biggest in Indonesia and encourage the most popular institution of farming, which later become Institute of Bogor Farming School shortened as IPB Bogor. Istana Bogor the building originally built in 1870 as the residence of Dutch Governor Generals and during president Soekarno was more taken care with decoration of art collection of Soekarno's interest especially pictureof women. Children are banned to visit the palace.

Bogor also has medium range otels and 2 good otels such as Panggrango II and Novottel Coralia. Plus many golf courses and various type of restaurants serving Indonesian, Chinese and American McDonald, KFC, and Pizza Hut. The route from Bogor to Bandung has the most beautiful views such as at Puncak Pass, a narrow winding mountain road high around 1500 meters above sea level, where valleys, gorges are superb, especially in the morning starting 10 kms out of Bogor from the town of Cisarua there are line of hotels and villas tagged with very expensive prices. One can see from Cipanas, Cipayung, Cobodo, Cisarua up to Puncak Pass.

Cisarua, 10 kms from Bogor has unique water falls, Taman Safari with game park, African Safari animals, bird park, white tiger, red pandas, children rides and animal shows. A night tour to see nocturnal animal is also avaiable organized in a car of bus belong to the park.

Cibodas located on Puncak Pass with Botanical Garden as part of Bogor Botanical Garden, surrounded by thick tropical jungle on the slope of Gunung Gede and Panggrango which is the national park an excellent climb in West Java.

Cipanas has president Palace and hot spring located 5 kims off from Cibodas. Cipanas does not have much thing interesting, and the palace is not opened for the public visit.

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