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Sight seeing tours in Jakarta city is a great experience to feel the atmosphere and the social life of the city, as one of the biggest cities in Asia with mixed level of economy among their residence, and rich with historical and ethnographical heritages. Jakarta city as the biggest and most developed city in Indonesia has a long history in the course of Indonesian development. The city offers old heritages or historical places, traditional activities up to modern recreations and shopping for travelers visiting Jakarta Metropolis, with more than 10 millions residents. The following choices of sightseeing tours are ready to be booked with some small changes can still be done, while more specific need for exploring the area of Jakarta city and beyond is welcome or any customized tour program can be organized.

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Bogor and Bandung Full day tour from Jakarta. This tour will give real impression of beautiful Bogor highland with tea plantation, the Puncak Pass with it's beautiful natural view, and the capital of West Java, Bandung.
Bogor tour a visit to the well known Bogor Botanical garden, and the beautiful nature of Bogor highland known as Puncak which is the most popular week-end resort for Jakarta and Bandung.
Fantasy World is a perfect choice for children holiday, giving an impression of various countries that is presented in miniatures, which is also a famous week-end resort for the resident of Jakarta.
Old Jakarta city tour visiting the historical places of Jakarta, such as the Sunda Kelapa, Chinese town, and museum of Jakarta city where can be seen a glance of the history of Jakarta
New Jakarta a visit to the modern recreation in Jakarta such as Ancol, National Museum, and Beautiful Indonesian Miniature which is consits of miniature of 26 cultural heightlight of Indonesian ethnics.
Shopping tour bring you to the modern shopping malls and supermarket of Jakarta with it's greatest assortments of products. Jakarta is known for it's multivarious shopping areas with various products from tradition to manchinery.
Thousand island resort a visit to one of the famous resort in the island, through the pier of Marina with beautiful sea and panorama. A good place for snorkeling, diving and just leisure as the week-end relaxing place.
Ujung Kulon is the national park of West Java, the homeof famous Javanese Rhinocherus, and the Banteng ( Boss Javanicus ). The place is still maintained for the continuation of this endangered life.
Golfing tour Jakarta and the surrouding is rich with golf courses with good rates compared to playing golf in Bali. Rates are often changed, and to be checked upon the time.
Jakarta Evening Sightseeing a view of beautiful Jakarta city in the evening with the specific view of the eveing environment of business and social life of Jakarta.
Jakarta Transit Tour a sightseeing for those passengers having time for transit at Jakarta Cengkareng International airport, to see at a glance the situation of Jakarta city as the biggest city in Indonesia and is one of the main cities of Asia, with bustling business and social life
Taman Mini Tour a miniature of Indonesian main ethnic groups as the highlight of Indonesian culture which mostly in the art works and tradition of local ethnic groups.
Jakarta Bandung Tour Discover the paradise of shopping in Jakarta and Bandung such as various big shopping centers in Jakarta and factory outlets in Bandung
West Java Tour a sightseeing to the west tip of Java island, now the provice of Banten which has long history of the development of Java Island as the main cultural center of Java besides Central Java or Yogyakarta

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Traveling to Jakarta city is like going to the jungle where the road map and traffic signs are not really helping a new comers. Beside the problem of traffic jamp, the city's pure marking is a cause of big probelm to prequent visitors to the city. The area of the city which is a tremendous distance covering more then 800 square kms also a cause of uneasy covering by new visitor to the city. Despite the fact of the difficulties visiting the city, yet there are many interesting places to visit and many shopping centers that offers really a cheap products which can be a paradise of shopping from local hand made, agricultural products up to machine made products can be found at any of the shopping mall or shopping centers of Jakarta city. For sightseeing tours there are interesting places from historical, arts, recreations, and night life can be found. For night life is famous at the region of Kemang, located in South Jakarta Municipality. Sunda Kelapa Port is one of best historical heritages of Jakarta city as the main interest for people to organize tours or sightseeing in Jakarta. Sunda Kelapa Port is known as the first settlement of the people belived to have been started in 7th century as the main stop for the boat from Northen Indonesia East, and Central. During Dutch era from 17th to 19th century the port of Sunda Kelapa has become the main center of the trade and colonial administration. Ancol Dream Land is the most spectacular recreation to visit in Jakarta, located at Jakarta Bay with various entertainments, art exhibitions, children play ground, shopping, restaurants, and others. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is also one of the spectacular recreation place which is basically the exhibition of Indonesian cultural highlight in art, architecture, social and traditional ways of life. See more interesting places in Jakarta city for planning your tours or sight seeing tours with truely different experience.

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