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Old Batavia Heritage Tour including Refreshment 5 hours. China Town called Glodok is the oldest China Town in Jakarta. Open markets, small shop with typical old Chinese architecture, tiny alleys and charming cracked make this area a photographers' paradise. Sunda Kelapa Harbour. The citys' old harbour located in the head of Batavia. En routes the old drawbridge from 17 century. This harbour is the first used by Portuguese and Dutch when they arrived in Indonesia. Feel exciting when the boatman take you around the waterfront. Fishermen Kampoeng and Traditional market. Kampoeng means small rural which still can be seen in cosmopolitan city. You will find the real life of urbanism. Ffatahillah Museum. Original built by Dutch in 1710 as Jakarta City Hall or Stad Huis. Furnished with antique furnishing, porcelains, old map and portraits, under water jail and other items used by former Dutch Governor General. Lunch at Café Batavia with your own expenses. Puppet Museum (An old Dutch colonial house which contains great collections of Javanese leather Wayang puppets, wooden Golek puppets and masks of Indonesia and some other parts of the world. The former Old Dutch Governor General graveyard also was here. Note: All museums are closed on Monday and Public Holidays, alternatives are Istiqlal Mosque, Cathedral and Antique art product Market.

Jakarta city tour bring you to see at glance the old and new Jakarta. Old Jakarta is the beginning of present Jakarta Metropolitan city with population around 10 million people which is one of the biggest city in Far East Asia after Tokyo, Shanghai, and Bangkok. Jakarta city tour will bring you to visit Sunda Kelapa Port and Fishing Port the beginning of Jakarta which was renamed Batavia by the Dutch, and renamed again Jayakarta by Moslem kingdom, and after the independence of Indonesia renamed with Jakarta. Jakarta is a historical city for Indonesia and relics of ancient Jakarta is preserved at Museum Bahari and the Jakarta Museum, where the remnants and historical facts of Jakarta are preserved. Both museums present old maps, antiques, Chinese porcelains, and under water prison. The tour will be ended by visiting a flea market at Jalan Surabaya.Most popular tour in the city of Jakarta is Old Batavia City, as most of the ancient building especially during the Dutch colonization of Indonesia were located on this area. The first China Town in Indonesia also located in this place called Glodok. Just north of the town is the ancient Jakarta port called Sunda Kelapa which was built during the Hindu Kingdom of Pajajaran, or Pasundan covering West Java including current Banten province.

Besides the history of Jakarta, one can visit the modern life of Jakarta city especially with the modern recreations, shopping centers, and night life. To find choices of Jakarta city tour please be reffered to the list of sightseeing within Jakarta city on the left top of this page.

Participant Number 1 Person 2 Persons 3 - 6 Persons
Rate per person US$ 75.00 US$ 40.00 US$ 35.00

Rate valid until 31 October 2008. Tour includes : air-conditioned mini van, tour guide speaks one of these languages : English, German, French, Dutch, and Italian. All admission and donation fees at the places of visit are included.

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The transportation problem of Jakarta is traffic jump which has long been a nightmare for the resident and people who has important assignment to the capital city. The worriedness of the great problem has born a theory hat in 2014 Jakarta's traffic will collaps, due to the growth of car is faster and that the capacity of the road. It is like frightening myth but logically sure it could happened. Under Mr. Sutiyoso, kown as Bang Yos, a revolutionary idea has been done to free the people from the myth. With his talented staff Mr. Rustam Effendi the governor Sutiyoso developped " Macro Transportation Scheme ( JMaTS )" This program integrates all public transportations which have been existing long time as government companies such as Busway, light rail Transit ( LRT ), Mass Rapid Transit ( MRT ), River - Lake - Strait Crossing ( ASDP ) with JMaTS which uses 3 basis of transportations : land, rail, water and traffic restraint. This integrated program is expeced to complete by 2007 or latest by 2010. Read more

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